Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene


Read Ghosts in a Sandstorm (First 5k words)
Ghosts in a Sandstorm

Ghosts in a Sandstorm is a somewhat experimental novel that I am currently writing, It is about a man who is currently undergoing a great change in his life following his early retirement. We find him wandering around Northern Greece with a donkey. There is some considerable doubt about the animal and physical status of Donkey, most particularly as the animal adds his own thoughts to the developing story.

This book is far from finished and I have only uploaded the first 5,000 words. These of course will be subject to rigorous and extensive revision - but these few words should be enough to give you a flavour of the novel.

Read Ghosts in a Sandstorm (First 5k words)
Distant Fells
Inspiration from this glorious world.