Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry of Evil

In The Beginning

“Are you sitting comfortably?”     “Then we’ll begin:”

     And the earth was Void (Gen 1:2)

Look into the Void. What
do you see? You see

There is a nothing in the Void.
You hear nothing in the Void.
No senses are in the Void.
There is no sense in the Void.

The Void is me.
I am not within it.
It is not within me.
There is just
one Void.
I am
the only Void.
Explore my Void.
Sense this Void.
Feel it.
Let it sink down within
you, destructive, destroying.
Nothing is
within in you.
No thought, no feeling, no soul
Just Void.

     Man will know evil (Gen 3:22):

We will fill this Void. Start with just
a small cold thing.
Very small.
Very cold.v Very, very, Evil.
Let it creep. Let it ooze
into the far remote recesses
of the cold slimy pit
that is us. Your us, and my us.

Let that Evil grow into all the Evils that crawl
and sprawl
and squeeze
their way into the putrefying centre.
The centre of that which was
We are becoming Evil.
We have become Evil.
Pure Evil
There is nothing
but Evil now.
I am Evil.
You are Evil.
We are sated with Evil.
It spews out of us. It drools
from our every orifice.
We are absolute Evil.

     Gather yourselves together unto the supper (Rev. 19:17)

I am Kill. There is no purpose
but Kill.
My arms are guns,
my fingers – daggers.
There is blood. Slurp
the blood. Lap
the blood, gorge on it, grow
red with blood.
The blood of Kill.

Eat flesh.
The flesh of
rulers. The flesh of
leaders. The flesh of
all the desirable.
Eat the flesh of
women. The flesh of
children. The succulent flesh of
Be the Kill.
Eat the Kill.
Be The Killed by feasting.
Leave nothing, consume,
consume, consume.
The fleshpots are pots
Of flesh.
They are consumed
on the High Altar.
The High Altar of


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