Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry of cherishing


You fucked him up with his father.
Don't fuck him up again,
For then you both will suffer
The ravage of hurt and pain.

You nurtured him in your belly,
You strained to give him birth,
You breasted him and wiped him clean,
To you he means the earth.

You held his hand as a toddler,
You played with him, oh so well.
You showed him the love of a mother,
You picked him up when he fell.

And now you are helping school him,
Teaching him all you know,
Training his brain for a bigger world,
Helping his intellect grow.

So what is it now you're doing,
Taking him back to this man?
For you know that love is absent
He will hurt you both if he can.

Your eyes so bright and lively,
Will dim with the weight of his scorn.
Your son so carefree and happy
Will rue the day he was born.

You know just how you'll be treated,
Contempt and lies and lust,
Your creative self will be pinioned
You'll be broken, along with your trust.

Yes, practical measures are settled,
For a bird in a gilded cage.
So tell him to keep his money,
With its legacy of cold rage.

Now your son needs a proper father,
Not the fucker that gave him life.
He needs to feel love and passion,
Not coolness and sneering and strife.

So turn your heart to another,
Your soul and your love lie there.
Call out his name and he'll cherish you both,
With love and humour and care.



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