Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry for Confusion

The Forecast

There are the 31 shipping forecast areas (although Finisterre is now Trafalgar).I
have taken terrible liberties with the English language in trying to include them all.
I rather think this poem only 'works' (and even then not very well) if you read it aloud!

I’ve been e-Malin on the Fastnet
To friends that I Rockall
Both the Utsires,Cromerty and Shannon
Have said they've been Tyne to call

They've left their Dog –ger behind them
It’s a nasty German that Bights
And are coming Forties and Biscay
On Lunday to stay for two nights

They’re not Viking but driving the Humber
(He’s Portl(y) and gaining in Weight)
I like to Fish(er), So(u) the f-East I-ce landed
Puts Dover Sole Forth on our plates

The Irish Sea that Bailey(s) makes him ex-Tra falgar
At Thames He-brides there, mouthing Faer oe(th)s
But Fitzroy, their friend sim Ply mouth(s) oaths at him
And if you think that's un-Fair, Isle Finis-terre


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