Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry to Intrigue

The Green of Grass (Sestina)

One of seven 'experimental' poems of differing types on the same subject.

It is not that I mind the colour,
There is nothing weird about green,
It is just that no one will tell me why
It has been appropriated by grass.
It is imaginable that in another life
Lawns would grow in herbivorous blue.

Such would be the impact of a garden of blue
That it would overwhelm all plants with its azure colour
Thus extinguishing most existing plant life.
Best, therefore, to stick with green,
Especially for the common or garden form of grass
Rather than the fancy stuff they develop at Wye

Which leaves the question as to why
Lawns do not come in shades of blue.
It could be the nature of grass
And the chlorophyll that provides its colour.
Mind you even this only shows as green
When sunshine brings it to life.

An artist may wish to depict rural life
In this verdant land of ours, in which case why
His does his palette hardly carry any green?
Instead it contains blobs of yellow and blue
Which he mixes to create the colour
That he needs to paint grass

So it might be that the grass,
Painted in landscapes and Still Life,
Does not comprise a single colour.
Indeed there is no reason why
Our artist cannot use just yellow and blue
And skilfully combine them to depict green

The mental image that we call green
May be essential for us to recognise grass
But may be a combination of yellow and blue.
Yet experience tells us that plant life
Is a mixture of different hues, which is why
We are so sensitive to differences in colour

So reason why are we consider green
Rather than blue depicts plant life
Is that it is the colour we see as grass.



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