Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry to Intrigue

The Green of Grass (Sonnet)

One of seven 'experimental' poems of differing types on the same subject.

Why is grass green, Daddy, why is it so?
That’s just a stupid thing you ask of me.
But why is it green? I really must know.
You are just being silly, that’s easy to see!
Why is grass green, Teacher? I wish I knew.
There’s chlorophyll in it that’s what you’ve seen
Absorbing the colours red, yellow and blue.

But that doesn’t tell me why it’s so green

Perhaps the answer is elsewhere instead
If I look very closely then I see
Not through my eyes but deep inside my head
That colours are mine, exclusive to me

I’ll seek not for something I cannot find
But let green colour grow deep in my mind.



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