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Hangers On (Riddle Four)

If you really cannot 'get' this riddle, email me at words@lakefell.com

Why keep hanging on to me?,
Yes, all of you!
Why not go off and do your own thing?
And soon!
What on earth is the Big Attraction?
Come on, can’t any of you speak?
How came you here?
Once you were just a bunch of April Rainers
Then what happened?
OK, don’t tell me,
You went to the Dogs – in a manner of speaking!
Hey you – the scrawny little one.
Can’t you stop rushing around in this heat?
How about behaving more like your sexy sister?
Be cool!
Take the Veil!
As for ginger-top, did you really think you could be supportive?
Not for long!
And why has your friend got the Blues?
Could the two of you could just go for a spin and
leave me alone?
Surely, old gas-bag, if anyone is capable of going it alone
it must be you?
However if you don’t slim down what can you expect?
Your sister could run rings around you!
Or like that slow brother you could play it really cool.
And why bring the sea into all this
Or was that a just a fable?
Finally, can anyone get more Way Out than you?
Possibly, but then you don’t
really count!
Are you all as dumb as dust?
Just a bunch of faded old swingers?
Didn’t you realize that I could never be much of a father to you?
After all without me what would you would be – nothing!
So you still think I’m your father? Nonsense the boot is on
the other foot!



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