Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry for Transit


Slowly kindled fire of friendship,
Merest twinkle in the sky.
Heartfelt hand of kindly kinship,
Guiding grasp, not knowing why

Slow-burn fuse of gentle interest,
Wondering, wandering, waking wiles.
Delving deeper, mutual interest,
Differing cultures, matching styles.

Growing personal soulful feelings,
Lonesome nights and longing days.
Though cruel age, that great divider,
Holds us helpless in his gaze.

She of passion, play and pleasure
Offers body, heart and hope.
His heart dulled, reserved and wounded,
Blindly onwards tries to grope.

In the night sky Venus shining
Bathing all in gentle beams,
Now quite dulled by Supernova
Bringing on our cherished dreams.

But Supernova burn too brightly,
Dying in their own harsh light.
Now quite gone, no message sending,
Bleakness, blackness, endless night.


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