Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry to Smile With

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The Other Me

Why is there only one of Me?
Given the Space and given the Time,
More of Me might to some seem fine
Though not everyone would agree!

I'm fairly certain that I'm unique.
I'm not complaining, you understand,
In fact it makes Me feel quite grand
That I am a bit of a freak!

I wonder if I am quite alone,
Or could there, perhaps, be just one other -
My Light-years distant lost twin brother!
No, I fear that I'm on my own.

It's not that I'm sad to be on my tod,
But think of the mid-games we might play,
Me leading the other Me astray,
Whilst feeling distinctly odd!

I like sole status I must admit,
For who would be the number-one guy
If I could be He and He could be I?
In truth that worries me just a bit.

How very odd if it were true
We could chat to each other Me and Me,
With two doppelgangers for company,
Crying "Two for All, and All for Two"

But in spite of Myself it's only fair
To the rest of the world, to have to admit
That I will never in twain be split,
For the name of My game is Solitaire


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