Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry to Enlighten

The Pale

We have strolled the forbidden garden;
My silent love and I;
We have drunk of the midnight perfumes,
And cradled the stars in the sky.

We have crossed the mighty oceans;
My storm-tossed love and I.
We have ridden the foaming wave-crests,
Sucking the seas bone dry.

We have climbed the highest mountains;
My light-foot love and I.
We have stood on the greatest summits,
To watch the clouds go by.

We have wandered the darkest woodlands;
My dappled love and I.
We have counted each tree in the forest,
And howled the wild wolf's cry.

We have loved with the wildest passion;
My abandoned love and I.
You have crept through my open widow
And fondled my naked thigh.

But now, Light Love, it is over,
I must bid you another goodbye
For as Moonlight fades from the heavens
The Sun dawns bright in the sky.


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