Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene


Poetry to Entice


Seek not just creature comforts,
where fireside slippers bring
a life that's quiet and easy
and death has lost its sting

The mind grows dull and lazy
Lulled as time crawls by
Thoughts turn back to memories
Hope and Passion die.

Your pastimes and your hobbies
Are the only stress you know
Your inward-turning vision
Means you can no longer grow

So go out and face your daemons
Push and fear and strive
Take the chances offered
Be mad, but be alive

The blood that courses through you
Runs red and thick and hot
Wounds are self-inflicted
Pain and hurt - your lot

But know this  - you are living
Your challenges are true
So greet them like old comrades
It is they that make you - you!


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