Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry to Fool

Riddle Two

If you really cannot 'get' this riddle, email me at words@lakefell.com

I have no personal feelings but am witness to much passion,
By nature I am dumb, but can tell a merry tale.
I will scratch and even nibble in the heat of the moment;
I am yours while you want me, but without you I will fail.

Sometimes I am golden, always easy-going,
My man-friends keep me safely to their heart.
My output speaks volumes, my habit is out-flowing,
And if you gently push me I'll help you make fresh start.

If I stray away or mess up I must ask you to forgive me,
Just take me in your hand and bring me back in line.
I know all your weaknesses, strengths, and aspirations
Your foibles and your secrets; yet you know none of mine.

You cannot say I'm wrong, because I'm always right,
And although I can wound others, for myself I feel no pain.
I am honest and deceitful, I am fickle and I'm true,
And another word for 'thoughtful' holds my name.



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