Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry to Fool

Riddle Three

If you really cannot 'get' this riddle, email me at words@lakefell.com

We speak as one but are alone
We know no tunes but have a tone
Our Rules are Strict our Methods fair
If we are Up then have a care

Not quite Clapped out and with Appeal
Held captive in a wooden wheel
You stroke our Back and then our Hand
Give us a Round and then we'll Stand

In Sted-fast English, we were Found
Our hearts not oak, but just as Sound
We like to Hunt and often Course
But Changes are our tour de force

Royals and Minors throughout the land
Caters, or Majors make up our band
Swingers all, but very Sound
When we are Down we hang around.



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