Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry for Stages


Crinkled slightly
with passing time,
blue sweater, sail on shoulder
khaki shorts, tousled hair,
prep-schooled boy
on shingle bank,
hugging Labrador.

Glossier, larger,
hugging one,
and then another.
Running empty save
the blur of hormones that
anaesthetize a vulnerability
     eschewing bonding.

Gilded, framed,
and now in colour.
Paterfamilias, smiling smugly,
group leader,
posing, heartless
alpha male
shows no weakness,
     bonding the pack.

Digitized plethora;
sad showcase of
erasable hopes where,
disorientated behind
hard heart-shield,
hitherto hidden
chameleon vulnerabilities
     crave bonds.

Master of mendacity,
making misdemeanors,
that once seemed
so inappropriate,
reveal themselves as
harbingers of a fulfilling
and most appropriate



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