Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poetry for Sterilisation

War Babies

Into the terror of existence were we born
though the world then had not the time to mourn
the men who were dying, and would die,
in the five-year massacre of Versailles.

From that war on – because it exit in the rage
of an Atom bomb – life has been set on a stage,
and we, just as actors playing a part,
beguile our deeds with devious art.

We are living now in a world on the brink
of destruction, and find it hard to think
that if our leaders get one fact wrong
we have just four minutes to await the bomb.

It is for this reason that to no woman should we give
A few million spermatozoa, for one might live.
And although we may not think it wrong to seduce
let us accept that it is immoral to reproduce.



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