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The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.

Walk One

Map From Silverdale Green to the Village, and return

This is a short, easy walk accross the fields to the village, returning via theroad. Good for shopping, or a visit to the pub.

As much of the walking is on public roads it is good for a wet day .

Lambs Start by going up the road past Clarence House.

Follow the footpath that runs alongside the wall on your left.

March and April are the best time to see lambs in the fields

Go through the kissing gate and straight on at the path junction, which brings you to Eamsgate Lane.

Chickens Turn left and walk up the road.

As you do so glance at the area to your left where you will see chickens.

Unlike many people I do not like hens very much (they tend to encourage rats), but I do approve of hens being kept in a village – it provides just the right sort of rural credentials!

Curch The village Church of St. John just up the road on your left.

It is a rather bleak example of Victorian architecture, It looks as if it has been 'imposed' upon the village, rather than been an integral part of it.

I am told that the stone carving inside is appreciated by the cognoscenti.

There is a ring of, I think, eight bells. I thoroughly approve of that.

I also rather like the Lych gate.

Fire Station A little further along the road, on your left, there is a much more modern piece of architecture. The local Fire Station.

Although not to the taste of traditionalists I for one certainly admire the local council for their avant guard approach to building

Daffodils Keep on walking along the road towards the village centre

It is always a pleasure to see daffodils as you know that Spring is here!

I am not so keen on these cultivated ones, rather like blowsy women with too much make-up!

I will look for the proper Lentern Lily on my further travels

Clock You should now be arriving at the village centre.

The doctor's surgery is on your left with the Chemsit next door.

A little further on, also on the left is the Co-op (a sort of mimi-market).

On your right is the local butcher and a few yards further on is the village post office.

Well I suppose that every village had to do something to mark the Millennium. Silverdale took it upon itself to commission a clock. It's more than a little garish, but I rather approve of sound of its chimes

Glimpse of sea At the end of the road you get a pleasing view of the sea. Just a glimpse, but we will certainly explore this on a later walk.

You have a choice here of either turning left, which is actually keeping to the main road, and heading back to your starting point . . .

Silverdale Hotel . . . or making a short detour to your right, and there is the Royal Silverdale, an excellent pub, but sadly closed when I took this pic, due to the lockdown.

There are three pus in the village, this being the rather more up-market of the trio, so best to book if what you are after is an evening meal.

The Silverdale (a bit confusing to have an almost exactly similar name) is in the main strett and does good 'pub grub'

Whilst The Woodlands sits above the village. It does not provide food.

After a moment (or two!) for refreshment just make your way back along Stankeld Road to the starting point.

And that concludes WALK ONE

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