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Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.

Walk Ten

Map Another Well - and the Tide

A fairly easy walk if you dont try to negotiate the cliff!

Footpath to Well Let's find another well today.

Set off towards the village and turn left almost immediately on the first footpath. Follow it around the house and you will find yourself in woodland.

Keep to the right when you come to a fork. You are now walking along the top of an escarpment, with a drop of about 50m (250ft?)

If you keep an eye out on the land below the cliff you should catch a glimpse of water. You may be tempted to scramble down the cliff. I very gingerly shuffled to the edge of the drop, but descending there was way beyond the capabilities of this fat old man - so I made a detour . . .
Wood Well . . . and eventually came to this really rather splendid well - a sort of cistern really.

Again it is hardly conducive to drinking, but basicallty it was just a container with a very small stream running through it .

Woodwell spring And here is that spring!

The water comes out of the cliff as you can see in the photo. You might just see the drips that fall into that that trough - which in turn feeds the cistern.

Blossom Far Spring is coming fast with all the wonderful weather we have been having, and the blossom is on the trees.
Blossom Nears It is so gorgeous that I thought you might like a close-up!

This is Crab Apple, a common British hedgerow species

Marshes Follow the footpath up through the wood and then take the first footpath to the right. You are retracing your steps of an earlier walk to Fishermen's cottage.

On the way I spotted another Magnolia, this one in, nearly, full bloom

Marshes Down at Fishermen's bay there are a couple of very convenient seats - to sit - and to wait!

I tried to time it right to catch the incoming tide, being some two hours in advance of High Tide.!

This picture shows the sands with the tide just on the turn. Obviosly out in the distant bay it turned some two or more hours ago, but here it is just faintly noticeable

Marshes This is the same shot taken JUST 10 MINUTES LATER !
Marshes What interested me was that the tide arrived as a series of mini-waves.

I knew about the Arnside Bore, and indeed had seen it. If conditions are right it can produce a wave of over 1m high. But here I was witnessing a phenomenon (good Greek word?) that I did not know about previously

You can see one of these mini-bores as a dark line in the photo. The height difference is only a few centimetres, but these waves were coming in every minute or so. Interesting.

And that concludes WALK TEN

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