Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.


Map The Last of the Wells!

An easy walk, mainly in and around the village

Elmswell Area So lets polish off the last of these village wells today.

Through the village and up to the top area just below Eaves Wood.

This very unpromising area hides an important village well, or at least the ghastly lime-green rubbish bin does!

ELmswell So I moved the beastly thing, hoping to find a beautiful clear spring

Only to be presented with something that looked for all the world like a road drain. Oh well, things do change, and not necessaitly for the better.
Primula Down the road that leads to a footpath to Cove road.

To find, thank goodness, that my mood was lightened by a bunch of Primula.

Cove Cliff Face I made my way down to The Cove in search of a further Spring.

I searched long and hard for 'Cove Well' in this small cliff face. The problem was that this spring only runs after rain - and it had been dry here for the lastthree weeks.

COVE SPRING Eventually I found it - but as I said before it was bone dry, and incredibly unexciting!

To tell you the truth I am not very convinced about this. I will search again when I next get the opportunity

COVE CAVE FAR I did however identify a cave, that I reckoned was worth further exploration.
Cove Cave near I wanted to get inside and have a look around, but the going was incredibly slippery.

So I chickened out and decided to leave further exploration to those rather more sound sound of wind and limb

Headland I wanted to return via the seashore footpath as just short of Fihermen's cottages there is supposed to be a spring, called Bashers Spring, where the ladies from the cottages would do their clothes washing. Perhaps I will identify it on another occasion.

But the so-called footpath goes around the base of this headland. It really did not look a very satisfactory route, so I took to the meadows and made my way back to the village

Aubretia Not perhaps the most successful of outings, but I was greatly cheered on my way home in encountering this aubretia.I know it is a domestic plant, but a very happy one!

And that concludes WALK ELEVEN

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