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The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.

Walk Thirteen

Map To Leighton Hall

A very long walk to the Leighton Estate, you need stamina for this!

Field barn We are going down to the Marshes again, this time take the Carnforth road but pass Clake's Lot and take the first right. Then the footpath will be on your left.

Down this enticing path. I love this time of year with the sunlight playing through the emerging leaves, and the dappled shadows on the ground. This, to me, is England at its very best.

Reeds And the May blossom punctuating our hedges and woodlands

How strange that we call a flower after a month of the year

Logging Here it is in close-up. The Hawthorn, or May. I don't think it gets as far south as Greece?

Follow the path until you come to a junction. Here you turn to the left and strike off along the bank that defines the marshland

Charcoal Hut So we are crossing the 'mosses' on a man built causeway, a bank to hold back the tide.

This photo is to my right and shows the salt marshes, the 'unclaimed' land.

COVE SPRING While to my left is the land reclaimed from he sea and now used as pasture.
COVE SPRING And here is the bank that I am walking along.

What I find interesting, and a little disturbing, is that line of flotsam near the top of the bank. Why? Because it shows that the sea got that close to overflowing the bank at the highest tides.

Follow the oath off he bank and under the railway. Turn right at the road and then next left towards the farm

COVE CAVE FAR We are on to more solid ground now.

This chimney is marked on my map as a Lime Kiln. I really very much doubt that - to me it looks like the chimney of a small furnace used for smelting ore.

COVE CAVE FAR Take the footpath to your right, and then within 50m (yards?) to your left.

It is a bit disappointing that you cannot follow the track along the edge of the mosses, but it is private.

A bit further on (after a pretty stiff climb through woodland!) I came across what is definitely a lime kiln.

COVE CAVE FAR Follow the footpath and turn left at the road. Pass the ntrance to Leighton Hall and take the next footpath to the left,

This glorious countryside is part of the Leighton Hall estate - and you can see the grand house in the mid-ground.

It looks a bit 'Victorian Gothic' to me wth its castellated towers, but I expect there is an older house 'inside' that not altogether displeasing shell.

COVE CAVE FAR The footpath suddenly seems to stop in this thin woodland belt. Turn left and head down towards Leighton Hall

As I walked down through the park I came across this Scots Pine. I find mature Scots Pine to be the most delightful of trees.

COVE CAVE FAR Go out through the leighton Hall drive and turn left along the road

I had been looking out for Bluebells in all the likely spots, mainly light woodland, but when I found some they were just nestling in the roadside verge.

They arenot a very impressive bunch, but bluebells nevertheless!

COVE CAVE FAR Go past a farm. The road becomes more of a track

When I got to this point I confess that I was flagging, and to be presented with a straight gravel track of over 1km in length was distinctly disagreeable.

It is rather like one of those French roads, but of course they would have been Poplar trees.

COVE CAVE FAR What I did find off to my left were some reeds that appeared to be in flower.

I have not seen this before. It is a bit like cotton. I would like to know more.

COVE CAVE FAR The whole area is a bird sanctuary.

The birdsong was intense, and there were a whole lot of geese - but too far away to photograph.

Eventually I got a picture of some Swan

The path eventually brings you to the Sation, and I opted to shuffle my way back along the road, with a little pause on a handy chunk of rock.

COVE CAVE FAR By now my legs were aching and my tongue hanging out, but I could not resist stopping for a moment to admire this little beast.

I am not very good on miniature pony breeds. I think he is a Shetland?

'Home' is only a few hundred yards (okay metres!) away.

And that concludes WALK THIRTEEN

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