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The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.

Walk Fifteen

Map Arnside Knott

This is a pretty hard walk. It is fairly long and involves climbing uo Arnside Knott (and descending from it!).

Only tackle this walk if you are confident that you can manage it

The Knott So today we are climbing Arnside Knott, which is a great chunk of limestone that dominates, well forms really, the peninsular North of Silverdale.

It is not very high, but one of its sides is very steep, so to an old man like me it is a bit of a challenge.

Make your way through the village and to the awful Holgates. Here you need to take the path signed 'Far Arnisde'. Walk past the farm and take the path to the right.

Path It is a delightful walk, in a semi-open woodland, with a multitude of paths to choose from (and get lost on!)
View looking back If you pause and look around (as I do frequently!) there are delightful views.

CWind-sculpted trees I love these trees that have been sculpted by the wind.

There are so many places around the world where this can be seen. If you know the direction of the prevailing wind (in this case South West) it will also serve as a compass
Holly Archl I love charming moments such as this, when you appear to be going through a tunnel of trees - in this case Holly.
Summit of Knott Finally the summit!

Unlike in Greece, we tend not to build churches on such places but do more secular things

In this case there are three topographs - etchings showing the distance and direction of the many peaks and villages.

View to Grange Wonderful views from the summit - to the North West towards Grange over Sands

A fairly useless piece of information, but the headland to the right of Grange is the location of the death of the last wild Wolf in England in the midle of C.15th

Coppice Woodland I have mentioned coppicing in at least a couple of Walks - and here ia a fine example of a coppiced woodland.

Just after this photo I had a minor mishap. My right boot had started to disintegrate as I left the summit but I could not rip off the flapping sole. Inevitably it tripped me up - just when I was crossing a rocky scree.

I rolled a little, counted my fingers and toes, decided I was in one piece and continued, nursing a complaining rib!

It goes to show that if you go out walking on your own it is really important, however benign the walk, that you leave a note of when you left and where you were going.

Cows Given the state of my boots I decided to return along the road - passing as I did so a small herd of cows with their calves.
Limestone coping Also on my way was what might be a bathing place.

It is called 'The DIp' but whether that is because people swim there or just because the road dips down to sea level I do not know.

Virginia And so back to my place, Virginia Cottage.

I bought this cottage in early 2019 with the intention of holiday-letting it, however I like it so much, and it has so much of my well-loved furniture inside, that i would prefer to let it only to people I know.

I am a terrible businessman!

Virginia Interior Anyway, just pop inside for a moment

Sorry I cannot offer you a glass of something to refresh body and soul!

And that concludes WALK FIFTEEN

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