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The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.

Walk Two

Map To Fishermen's Cove and Wolf House

This is an easy walk, by road to Fishermen's Cove then by path to the Wolf House gallery and tearoom, returning through woodland.

Bay Start by walking along the road towards the village centre.

At the sharp right hand bend carry traight on and continue down to the end of the road.

Turn right (there is a small car parking area)

Ahead of you is the beach, but sadly you are not looking at sand - but mud! These mudflats coverin some 3m of water at High Tide (that's 10ft to dinosaurs!).

Fishermen's Cottages The row of cottages on the right were used by fishermen. There is no fishing on this side of the bay now, although there is still some cockling, despite the disaster some years ago when about 20 people were killed by the incoming tide.

You now need to retrace your steps . . . . .
Do NOT do what I did and take the rather inviting footpath, signed 'Know Hill' that seems to run parallel to the shore. It is a trap! It simply stops, leaving you stranded. If you press on you will get into all sorts of trouble with the owners of Gibraltar farm!
. . . . . until you get to the (excellent) Garage.

Woodland Path Just before you get to the garage take the footpath to the right, which brings you out on Lindeth Road.

Turn right and walk for about 200 yards and take the lane to your left. Within 50 yards take the footpath to the right. This runs parallel to Lindeth Road.

You will come to an obvious junction with another lane. Turn hard right to get back to Lindeth Road. Turn left until you get to its junction with Hollens Road.

Wolf House Turn left and you will see the Wolf House Gallery on your left. Excellent for a refreshing tea or coffee but do not getthere afetr 4pm or you will be turned away however thirsty or hungry you may be.!

There is also a sort of craft gallery. Not really my thing, but do have a quick look, you may like it!

Hazelwood hall Continue along Hollens Road until you come to Hazlewood Hall.

This 'mansion' is a somewhat monstrous construction of mid-Victorian times when rich businessmen from Manchester wanted a 'country cottage'.

Its redeeming feature is the Mawson garden

Difficult Style Take the footpath just before the entrance to the Hall.

You will be confronted by a typical hazard of the area, a 'squeeze stile'. These come in a bewildering range of types, almost all of which are unfriendly to slightly corpulent old men!

Wooden Kissing Gate Continue to follow the path trough the woods

You will come to a much kinder kissing gate. Follow the path through woodland until it brings you out onto Stankeld Road.

Turn right and finish within 100 yards.

And that concludes WALK TWO

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