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The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.

Walk Three

Map From Silverdale Green to 'The Pepperpot', the Cove and back via the village

This is a medium-hard walk, be prepared for a bit og uphill walking in Eaves wood in order to reach the monument.

Bay Start along the road towards Carnforth but immediately turn left and follow the footpath that runs to he North, keeping alongside the wall on your left.

Turn right at the field boundary and make for the minor road, which you will access through a kissing gate

This is an example of a traditional kissing gate, a clever device to keep stock safely in a field.

The name originates from a young lady and her swain meeting, and being able to kiss, but not get any closer!!!

Footpath Walk up the road past the cemetery then take the footpath on the far side of Cove Road.

When you arrive at the woodland follow the path to the right then almost immediately take a hairpin turn to the left

An easy looking path, but there were some rather rougher bits, especially over the limestone, but this old man managed to stagger up through the woodland!

Woodland Path There is a confusing array of paths here, my best advice is keep working your way westwards and upwards until eventually you arrive at an open summit.

Well I made it to the top of the wood - and to this strange little memorial that is affectionately known as 'The Pepperpot'

Wolf House This plaque on the monument tells you what the Pepperpot was all about. Queen Victoria's jubilee

It seems a slightly odd thing to do in order to commemorate the event, but the idea has an undeniable charm to it.

Hazelwood hall This is the view from the monument, looking across the village to the Bay.

In the far distance you can see a headlans, just this side of it is the seaside resort of Morecambe

In the very far distance, at the end of the headland, you can see a large blob. This is modernity, in the form of the Heysham Nuclear Power station

Difficult Style Now you need to make your way more or less directly downhill.ust follow the best path you can find that is leading downwards.

If you look carefully at the photo you will se a squirrel with his back to us. I disturbed him and he was shy!

These Greys are nasty American imports I am afraid. It is a long time since we had our native red squirrel in these woods

Yew Tree Here is a typical example of an English Yew tree, Taxes Baccate.

In the forests of Sithonia, Halkidiki I think there is just one such tree so it is interesting that they are so common here.

They can often be found in country churchyards where they provided stock for Longbows. This weapon was the Kalashnikov of the time and the The Bowmen of England would make their longbows from this wood

Shore at the Cove Out of the wood follow the path, still going downhill between houses.

Turn right on the road, and then left signposted 'The Cove'

This will bring you to the 'beach', one of only two that area can offer. It is hardly inviting.

Lenter lillies Make your way to the left and up the path towards the trees

Go through the gate and head slightly to your left as you cross this meadow that has a great view over the bay.

Here I found a little group of Lentern Lilly the original 'wild' daffodil - so much more delightful than the cultured narcissus

And that concludes WALK THREE

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