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The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.

Walk Eight

Map A longer walk to Station and Golf Club

This walk is a bit longer than some, but the going is very easy, the only risk being from wayward golf balls!

Distant Wood Just opposite our starting point is this Magnolia tree.

I like Magnolia grandiflora, the flowers do not last very long, but they are so spectacular and are a true harbinger of the summer to come.

This one's flowers are just about to errupt. I will see if it, or a friend, are in a more advanced state in a couple of days time

Turn left into Bottoms Lane and take the third footpath on your right. Through a small woodland over-run by wild garlic, and out over a difficult stile onto a field,

Monkey Puzzle From the sublime to the less sublime! This grass has recently had a visit from a muck-spreader and much as I accept the necessity of this I have to say that wandering through a field of shit detracts slightly from the overall experience!

To be fair it is an excellent way of disposing of cow muck because it contains many nutrients, particularly Nitrogen, and it will do a lot of good to this grassland. As they say: "There' nowt so guid a' muck"!

Turn right and head towards the road. Turn left and walk towards the T junction.
Monkey Puzzle And from the 'not quite so sublime' to the Ridiculous. Having said that this weird plastic creature would save having to spread muck on fields!

One wonders why people should want such an object in their garden - the rural equivalent of the Gnome I rather think.

Turn right and take the second left. Overthe railway and take the footpath on your right.

Twisted Beech And so out of the wildwoods and onto - a Golf Course!.

Funny game golf, not my thing, there is too much 'side' to it for my liking. But it is harmless enough, except when a footpath crosses a fairway. You feel a little vulnerable

I can usually navigate my way fairly successfully across open moorland or in dense forest. Such places pose only a modicum of difficulty . . .

. . . owever a golf course is a different animal altogether! My sense of direction totally deserts me and I am lose all sense of whereabouts. All greens look alike to me, waving their teasing little flags at this wayward walker. The thing is that I do not easily get lost but . . . as my friends will testify . . . when I do get lost I get REALLY lost.

Such was the case this morning on these manicured fairways.

Farm If you manage to extricate yourself from the esoteric land of Tees and Greens it will probably because you locate yourself with reference to the railway line

The C.19th caught up with Silverdale in the form of the railway and in fact it continues to provide an hourly service to Manchester Airport and to London. Unfortuanately it is a good long walk from the village

Silverdale Railway Station is a little primative and the buildings have all been sold off as houses.

One strange thing about this station is that there is no footbridge or subway to get from one platform to another. Now I know that is normal in Greece but it is rare here in the UK. There is a simple wooden walkway across the rails - you can just see it, it looks like a dark shadow. It is called a 'barrow crossing'.

Marshes You must cross a further section of golf course before making your way back along the footpath and road towards Silverdale Green

On the ways I came across this lovey brook. In Britain we have such a lot of different names for small rivers. Further north it would be a beck, in Scotland a burn, further south a stream. I think I will settle for 'brook' - it has a Wind in the Willows feel about it. One wants to wander along the bank in search of Ratty!

And that concludes WALK EIGHT

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