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The Silverdale Wanders

All walks start and finish at Silverdale Green by the parish notice board.

Walk Nine

Map In search of Wells

A fairly easy walk except for a bit of a struggle up through Wood Bank

Track to Well In days gone by villages did not of course have piped water. They relied on wells.

So I thought I would set off to look for a few wells around Silverdale

We start off along Bottoms lane again, but this time take the first path, signed Burton Well

The path is easy and is just broad enough for a horse and cart, which would no doubt be needed to bring water up to the villagers

Burton Well And this is where the local carrier would have backed his horse-drawn cart to fill his water butts. .
Twisted Beech And water would be collected from this stagnant cistern!

I daresay it was a lot fresher in those days, and I think that it was fed by a spring, so it would not have been stagnant.

All the same you can see why years ago country people preferred 'small beer', which was very low in alcohol but a good deal safer to drink that water.

Farm In fact mains water did not arrive in Silverdale until the 1930s - which is very late by UK standards.So I suppose the Wells must have been in use until then

This object is a marker by the side of the road to show the Water Authority where their mains pipe is. The 'V' indicates that it is a valve, then it says it is a 4 inch main, and that it lies 18 ft in front of the marker.

Marshes Now you need to go a little way down the field, cross the stream and head towards the woodland

Then, if you are like me, enjoy struggling up these steps, and this is just the start of them!

Marshes We find ourselves in a small hamlet, just a few rather charming houses, and our next well.

I have to say that this looked to me more like a village pond. It is called 'Bank Well' but what with ducks floating on it and cattle standing in it I doubt if it was used for drinking water. Perhaps things were different in days gone by.

Now just take the footpath opposite where you joined the road.

Marshes Especially as this rather splendid village pump (called Dog Slack) is only a few yards (okay metres!) away.

Mains water to Silverdale is, rather suprisingly, tapped off the aquaduct that runs from Hawswater to Manchester

Marshes Carry on through the village and take the footpath on your left. Straight on past the twin oaks, then left at the wall, accross the road, and home is nearly in sight!

I know that there are more wells to discover in this village, but that is sufficient for today.

And that concludes WALK NINE

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