Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Flatcoat Fables
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These stories about the Flatcoated Retriever were written at the very end of C.20th. They are lighthearted pieces that, in what I hope is a gentle way, explain some of the quirkier aspects of the character of this wonderful breed. I owned three Flatcoats - Saga, Folly and Epic, and whilst they were all very different characters they all exhibited at least some of the traits described in these stories. I hope that you enjoy them. If you own a Flatcoat you will understand what inspired them, if not then you have missed out on one of life's stranger and most rewarding of experiences!

Just So The development of the three Retriever breeds
'Twas Ever Thus The three friends learn about Life
Where The Spirit Moves Now fully grown they set out on a quest
Flat Relativity Did Einstein really get it right - or get it at all?
A Christmas Tail A flatcoat morality tale for Christmas
The Origins of Tennis Just in case you thought this game developed in any other way
Fireflies and Thistledown The end of the quest.
Distant Fells
Inspiration from this glorious world.