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Marsh Tide

Marsh Tide is a story about a man, Tom, who has been deeply traumatised by the very violent death of his wife, the result of a terrorist attack in Kenya. He retreats into himself, shunning all company apart from his dog, Sonnet, and returns to his remote cottage on the Norfolk coast. His sister insists on his having a cleaning lady, who comes each with her mute son, Jack. Slowly a relationship builds up between the taciturn Tom, the speachless Jack, and Sonnet. They walk the Marshes, and tramp the open fields of 'High Norfolk'. Slowly a picture emerges of both the background of Jack's family and, intermingled, the horrific events surrounding the death of Tom's wife.

Tom's knowledge of the events in Kenya is of interest to the security services, and two of their staff befriend Tom in an attempt to 'unlock' his memories. Further complication ensues in that Tom is falsely accused of assaulting his cleaning lady. There is a final moment of catharsis aboard Tom's boat during a night sail in the North Sea.

The central theme of this book is that of guilt and a search for redemption. The reflective mood of the first half of the book is somewhat overtaken by the faster paced second half, but in the final pages we return very strongly to the original theme.

The book still awaits publication. I am most reluctant to e-publish it as I really think that it deserves something of more substance!

I have not made the whole book available on this website. If, after reading the start of it, you would like to finish the book then just e-mail me and I will make the rest available to you online - free of charge!

Read Marsh Tide (First 10k words)
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