Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Flatcoat Logs
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At the turn of the century I owned two flatcoats. Saga had been around for just over four years . . when along came Folly. These purported Flatcoat diaries are the reactions of each dog to this event. Saga's pieces are in red, Folly's in green.

I have tried to keep it true to the way that dogs think, that is they live 'in the moment' whilst such 'memory' as they posses is probably engendered by familiar things, especially scent. But this is not serious writing - please just enjoy it for what it is!

Log One In which although she discovers that Dog Shows are not places to sell disgraced flatcoats certain suspicions continue to trouble Saga

Log Two In which Saga thinks she is seeing double, the word "puppy" is mentioned, and honour is satisfied in relation to Cats.

Log Three In which Saga regrets the current situation!

Log Four In which Saga is less than impressed by Follything and her early upbringing whilst Folly explores Life In General
Log Five In which Saga racks her braincell and protects her wagging appendage, whilst Folly explores the niceties of Potentilla shrubs and birdbaths

Log Six In which Saga rather reluctantly assumes a tutorial role, whilst Folly eats Foul Things and is nearly returned to her Breeder!

Log Seven In which Saga gets wrongly blamed and tries some conceptual thinking, whilst Folly goes on her Very First Walk and meets Strange Things

Log Eight In which much is made about dog-beds and training

Log Nine In which Saga worries about Folly's size - and gets into BOTHER, whilst Folly is Very Well Behaved - until she discovers Ice Cream

Log Ten In which Saga gets rather 'girly' about her hair and has a birthday, whilst Folly ponders the meaning of Christmas - and wonders what Gordon is going to do to her now

Log Eleven In which Folly is spayed and discovers Haagen-Daz, whilst Saga has a day on the boat and ruminates on Veterinary Practices

Log Twelve Further problems with sleeping arrangements, Saga ruminates on Flatcoats who do not chase tennis balls, whilst Folly consider Flatcoats that do not swim

Log Thirteen In which Saga wrestles with Time, the Universe, Decent Behaviour and BSE, whilst Folly finds her pedigree, and discovers marrow bones and mooring warps

Log Fourteen In which Saga appears to be going bonkers, but comes into her own at a Flatcoat Fun Day, whilst Folly performs an Heroic Rescue on Coniston Water but gets worried about Growing Up!
Distant Fells
Inspiration from this glorious world.