Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Two Interests

I have tried to create at least some order out of chaos!

Much of my writing relates to Greece, and here I have three divisions:
  Greek Short Stories - the adventures of an Englishman in Greece
  Greek Articles - Greece in this time of Crisis
  Greek Poems - mainly 'political' poems relating to modern Greece

Then my 'Other' writing:
  General Short Stories - a wide variety of subjects
  General Poems - sonnets, riddles, and much much more!

Plus three Novels:
  Marsh Tide - unpublished
  She Starlight - unpublished.
  Dream Beyond, unpublished
  And there is another novel in the pipeline . . . .

If you are a very discerning publisher just dying to publish all or any of these pieces (!) then do please contact me . . .

Flatcoated Retrievers

My writing that relates to dogs, specifically Flatcoated Retrievers, is lighthearted stuff, hardly intellectually demanding!
  'The Fables' - being slightly whimsical stories about Flatcoats.
  'The Logs' - a diary of Flatcoat thinking (a contradiction in terms?)
  'Poems' - well only one about Flatcoats - so far.

And don't miss The Fabulous(!) 'Human Selector' - a test for every Flatcoat owner.

If you are bored by all this literary stuff and are looking for Saga, Folly, and Epic then click HERE or on the side image of George.


Gordon Hall Human Being
Writer and Neo-Philhellene


Exclyst 'George'Flatcoated Retriever
(by far the better-looking of us!)

Distant Fells
Inspiration from this glorious world.