Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

The Flatcoated Retrievers of Lakefell
We have owned Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers
and my parents had a private pack of hunting Beagles,
but here are the Flatcoats that owned me!

Click on image or name for details of each dog



Baradon Lady of the Forest
b. 6 Jan 1993 - d.19 Dec 2003.

Saga came from the Fens near Wisbeech. She was one of a litter of 9 and, although brought up with an old and rather grumpy Siamese cat, she was an 'only dog' for the first 4 years of her life - before having Folly inflicted on her. She was fearless, energetic, and - given the chance - thoroughly BAD! Of all the dogs that I have had Saga meant the most to me, if it were not for her this website would not exist, she was - and is - my muse. She was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer just two weeks before her 11th birthday and we had her put down to avoid any untoward suffering.



Castlerock Leading Light
b. 23 May 1997 - d. 5 Jan 2011

Again from a large litter (10 I think) we chose Folly for her rather dozy nature - and she was the most laid back Flatcoat ever! She did well to 'educate' Saga into sharing her life with another dog and then had to take on the 'senior dog' role with the arrival of Epic. She took to Epic straight away and became her substitute mother. She had a wicked sense of humour, and in her young days could show a remarkable turn of speed despite her bulky physique. She was getting on for 14 years old when a combination of of aggresive mouth/eye cancer and failing rear legs made it a kindness to have her put down.



Amelia Peep
b. 17 Jan 2004- d. 13 Sept 2013

Born in Doreset - near Corfe Castle - she was one of a litter of eleven - but when we first met her she was one of two left - and was unmercifully bullying her brother! Folly took to her straight away and Epic loved her substitute mother. Epic was the most socialised of dogs and had a lighthearted charm that meant she got away with THINGS. She was badly frightened by fireworks when she was a pup, and was desperately gun-shy ever since. She was always eager to do exactly what was wanted of her and got upset if she failed. She contracted an aggressive cancer of the nose, and when the bleeding began to distress her we had her put down. She was only 8 years old - too young by far.


Distant Fells
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