Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Poems about Greece
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Some years ago I found myself in Greece exploring parts of this wonderful country that are somewhat off the tourist map. Yes I enjoy the islands and mainland tourist 'honeypots', such as Halkidiki, but when the lure of summer beaches wanes then my interests lie in the history, the culture, and above all the people of this outgoing, friendly, and much-maligned land that is now my home
I have somewhat arbitarily divided my 'Greek writing' into Articles, Short Stories, and these Poems but the boundary between them is somewhat blurred and artificial, so do please explore further!

Sonnets are designated by (S) after the 'type'.

  Political 2013 Items from Athens The Crisis - in mundane objects.
  Political 2012 Take Heed Shades of an earlier conflict.
  Political 2013 This Land, This People The Crisis - in mundane objects.
  Ironic (S) 2015 Oxi Day Still glorifying defeat.
  Ironic (S) 2015 The Lion of Amphipoli Guarding the unguardable.
Distant Fells
Inspiration from this glorious world.