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She Starlight

She Starlight ithe story of a university professor (Duncan) whose wife (Miranda) is killed whilst she is working on an important scientific project concerning the presence of Dark Matter and its relevance to the Human Condition.

There appear to be two 'organisations' that would like to get hold of the research on this project although it is unclear how, or even if, they will use it. It would seem that the British Secret Service will stop at nothing to gain access to the work but a much more shadowy figure, who goes under the name of Starlight, is equally committed to obtaining it.

Duncan, along with his sister and his wife's best friend, attempt to brazen out their knowledge of Miranda's work but along the way they have to contend with serious moral issues, and even more serious physical interventions. The final scenes depict Duncan's increasing desperation and his final acceprtance of Starlights ascendency.

The book still awaits publication. I think it is ripe for e-pulication and I will be working towards this when I have the opportunity.

I have not made the whole book available on this website. If, after reading the start of it, you would like to finish the book then just e-mail me and I will make the rest available to you online - free of charge, until such time as it is e-published.

Read She Starlight (First 10k words)
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