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All the best websites have an 'about' page, so I sort of thought that I ought to construct one as well . . . . . . my name is Gordon. For some 20 years I worked as a Regional Land Agent for the National Trust, first in North Wales, and then in the Lake District. Every day I would meet experts from widely differing fields - from the preservation of books, to the management of rare lichens in old oak woods, to treatment of farm waste.Well, the N.T. kind of 'grew up', and I failed to do so.

So I left to establish a passenger boat business on Coniston Water where I met thousands of happy people (and just few disgruntled ones) and learned to cope with the intricacies of running a small business in a 'hands on' way. The business was sold in 2008 and I decided to concentrate on writing books, short stories and poems. Coniston Launch
I am not sure I have that much to say about my Poetry and my prose, I just hope it speaks for itself. Perhaps I should just mention that there are some rather weird experimaental pieces that kind of 'push the boundaries' a bit, I hope they do not intrude too much into your appreciation of my other work. My Desk
I have been 'owned by' three Flatcoated Retrievers (Saga, Folly, and Epic) - a truly wonderful breed of dog. Sadly my current lifestyle makes dog ownership nigh on impossible. But a large section of this website is devoted to the breed. Dogs on Hill
I wandered off to Greece in 2013, where I still live (Thessaloniki).I like the way of life and the people. It is very different from the 'Protestant Work Ethic' that I have escaped from. Thesssaloniki waterfront
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