Gordon G Hall
Writer and Neo-Philhellene

Articles about Greece
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Some years ago when I started coming to Greece I found myself exploring parts of this wonderful country that are somewhat off the tourist map. Yes I enjoy the islands and mainland tourist 'honeypots', such as Halkidiki, but when the lure of summer beaches wanes then my interests lie in the history, the culture, and above all the people of this outgoing, friendly, and much-maligned land.
I have written Short Stories, a few Poems, and these Articles about Greece. The boundary between the Articles and the Short Stories is somewhat blurred and artificial, so do please look at the Short Stories as well!

Where is your Glory Now? 2012 What is the crisis doing to 'ordinary' Greeks
Lazy Greeks 2013 Dispelling the myth
Pireaus Lunch 2013 Greece - the hospitable and the brave
Barefaced 2015 The satirical bears of Thessaloniki
East or West? 2013 From whence did we come - to where do we go?
Greek Bathrooms 2013 The Black Holes of Greek apartment life
Greek Lifts 2014 An unexpected and inexpicable hazard for the elevated
Greek Pavements 2014 The pedestrian battleground of Greek city life
Greek Dentists 2014 Much much more than a mere drilling!
The Illusion of a Rebellion 2015 That referendum. Did we really say 'No'?
Nil Deperandum 2014 Democracy does not come easily
Philhellenes 2015 Byron, Brooke, and a love of 'The Disorganised'
The Great Upheaval 2015 When we, once, beleived in miracles
Plus ca Change 2014 The seasons in their proper places
The Man 2014 A different style to the conduct of politics
A Loss of Marbles 2014 Elgin stole more than the Parthenon frieze
Within and Without 2014 A sideways look at 'Us' and 'Them'
Distant Fells
Inspiration from this glorious world.